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Horace Bray

Mar 14, 2017

This week Hagen & Jackson chat with Horace Bray before his move to New York. They cover stories from tour, his plans for New York, and his Instagram account.  

Show Notes

Today’s Guest: Horace Bray

Denton, TX (for all you new listeners in Brooklyn)

UNT Division of Jazz Studies

The Southpaw Preachers

Sky Window

Dezi 5

Dark Rooms

Daniel Hart


Mike Luzeky

Matt Young

Connor Kent

"Dreamstate" - Horace Bray

Land Lady

Father Figures

Winter Jazzfest

Horace Bray's Instagram

"345" Instagram video


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Featured Song

"The Mind as a Brittle Object" by Horace Bray from the album Dreamstate (2016)

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