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Oct 24, 2017

In this 2 hour special, we sit down with 10 bands featuring both returning and new guests to the show to chat about festivals, house shows, and more.

Show Notes

The Difference Between Streets, Boulevards, Avenues, and Other Roads

Richard Haskins @ 00:00:37

Previously on Episode 10

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Elijah Heaps & Nikolai Rya + Genuine @ 00:12:07

Previously on Episode 9

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Jig the Alien @ 00:20:05

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Felt & Fur @ 00:31:05

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Leoncarlo @ 00:43:50

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Criminal Birds @ 00:56:22

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Pearl Earl @ 01:10:41

Previously on Episode 12

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Strange Mother @ 01:24:06

Previously on Episode 15

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Dead Vinyl @ 01:34:49

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The BoomBachs @ 01:45:56

Previously on Episode 1

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Upcoming Show

See Richard Haskins with The Wee-Beasties at Denton Does Halloween w/ Brave Combo and more in Denton on October 31st

See Felt & Fur at Sunbuzzed Album Release in Denton on November 4th

See Pearl Earl at Oaktopia in Dallas (not Denton) on November 17th

See Pearl Earl at Saturnalia Festival in Austin in December

See The Boombachs at their Harvest House residency in Denton on October 26th

Featured Song

"Stormy Weather'" by Samus David Jr.

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