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Rosegarden Funeral Party

Jun 19, 2018

This week we're joined by Leah from Rosegarden Funeral Party as we chat about pick holders, songwriting, colors, their new album, tour stories from the California desert, lots and lots of bands we're listening to, and more!

Show Notes

The Horrors

How Jack White Uses Color

Coheed and Cambria & NSO Pops - "Here to Mars" | LIVE at The Kennedy Center



What We're Listening To?

Coheed and Cambria - The Dark Sentencer

Shy Boys - Take the Doggie

Tacocat - NVM

Ghost - Prequelle

Parquet Courts

Daniele Luppi with Parquest Courts & Karen O - Milano

Dua Lipa

Paramore - After Laughter

George Ezra - Staying At Tamara's


Eternity Forever

The Birthday Party


Einst├╝rzende Neubauten

The Batcave


The Sisters of Mercy

Joy Division

Nothing But Thieves


The Killers

She Wants Revenge

White Lies

Lorelei K

Mother Tongues

Aztec Death


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Featured Song

Blitzkrieg in Holland from The Chopping Block by Rosegarden Funeral Party

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