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Season 4 (25 episodes)

Podcasting From Home

Mar 31, 2020

This week we check in on each other after to chat about the impact a pandemic can have on musicians, new music that's come out recently, the last show we saw, what we've been listening to, and more.

Music Feuds, Part 1

Apr 07, 2020

Surprise, Don't Feed the Artists is a weekly show during these crazy times, and we're back to catch up on how everyone's doing this week, chat about popular feuds in music, and share new release we're listening to this week.

Music Feuds, Part 2

Apr 14, 2020

Hey, we're back again for more music feuds! But before we get into feuds, we talk about insurance, Dave has a new place to hang out at, and we catch up on how we're all dealing with the quarantine.

Show Riders

Apr 28, 2020

This week Jackson has some positive music news to cover, before we get into covering the wide and varying requests that appear on show riders.

Music Festivals

May 04, 2020

This week we talk about roller coasters, the rise of music festivals, chat about our favorite festivals, and more.

Rock 'n Roll

May 19, 2020

This week on the show, we cover some news and memes before diving right into discussing the history of rock as a genre, how it's changed over the decades, and our favorite bands of each era of rock.

Film Scores

May 26, 2020

This week we chat about film scores, obviously covering John Williams and his work on all the great movies, the impact a great score can have, scores in television, and more!

Cover Songs

Jun 16, 2020

This week on the show, we catch up with Hagen and Dave's return to gigs in the age of COVID-19 before getting into cover songs, including a few of our favorite ones.

Selling Out

Jun 23, 2020

This week, we cover some news before we sell out to our corporate overlords.

Concept Albums

Jul 07, 2020

After covering one of the biggest concept albums of the last 20 years, we chat about what makes an album a "concept album", after catching up on some very important news.


Jul 14, 2020

This week on the show, we sat down and watched the recording of the original broadway production of Hamilton. Don't worry, the episode is not as long as the musical.

Musical Theatre

Jul 21, 2020

Following our discussion about Hamilton, we turn to Musical Theatre in general covering some of the history, film adaptations, musical episodes of TV shows, and of course mention our favorite musicals.

Freeform #3

Aug 03, 2020

This week we get through some technical trouble to bring back the Freeform format, catching up on some music and revisiting the impact of COVID-19 on live music.

Visual Albums

Aug 18, 2020

This week Dave explains the entire plot of The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night as we talk about visual albums.

News News News

Sep 01, 2020

We're back this week, and Dave's got some new floors so it's all news, and more news.

Being a Lady Musician

Sep 08, 2020

This week we're joined by friend of the show Olivia Justice Countryman to talk about the differences in being a lady musician and making it work in a man's music world, as we talk about exclusivity in the music industry.

Music Leaks

Sep 15, 2020

This week Hagen played another gig and Jackson refuses to talk about his favorite band, but in between we talk about music leaks.

Stage Personas

Sep 22, 2020

This week after we stumble through some news about Broadway and biopics, we delve into the ideas behind musician's personas and alter egos.

Streaming Music

Oct 13, 2020

This week, we're back to spend a lot of time on a topic that's we've briefly touched on in past shows. Oh, and you can listen to this podcast on Spotify now, if you want to.

Protest Music

Oct 20, 2020

With America's election underway, we talk about the impact of protest music, we have a special update from our show correspondent Olivia, and Hagen has a surprise about what he's been listening to this week. Remember, go vote.

Election Day Positivity Fest

Nov 03, 2020

In an Election Day special we try to get your mind off the day by catching up on some news and sticking to some positive stories.

News From the Distant Past

Nov 10, 2020

This week in an episode we recorded about 16 hours too early, we try to distract ourselves from the world.

To News Or Not To News

Nov 24, 2020

This week Hagen's computer dies so Dave, Hagen, & Jackson do a Deep Dive on their own music. But first they cover some news, and Jackson says the C Word.

Christmas Music

Dec 01, 2020

This week we get into the holiday spirit as we discuss the merits of Christmas Music that can only be played in December.

DFTA Company Holiday Party

Dec 22, 2020

Join us for our final episode of the year.

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