Don't Feed the Artists

Don't Feed the Artists is a show about music featuring interviews, topical discussions, stories about important moments in music, and deep dives into artist's discographies.

Season 5 (20+ episodes)

2021's Opening Act

Jan 13, 2021

We're back to kick off 2021 with an all-news spectacular after realizing none of us are really into New Year's resolutions.

Greatest Hits

Jan 27, 2021

This week we catch up on some news including our latest update on which musician has sold their publishing rights, before talking about Greatest Hits after listenin' to Journey's Greatest Hits last week.

"Highlighters, Not Foo Fighters"

Feb 10, 2021

This week we catch up on some news, covering the halftime show and a performance on SNL, and ¾ of the podcast has a new album that we're listening to.

Harder, Better, Faster, Newser

Mar 03, 2021

This week we catch up on a lot of news, including the impact that the Music Modernization Act is having, vinyl record sales in 2020, before getting to the breakup of Daft Punk and their impact on music.

The Grammys

Mar 17, 2021

This week we all watched the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards so that we could talk about (some) of the awards and performances of the night.

Creative Releases

Mar 24, 2021

This week on the show, we talk about Justice and that NFT thing, before getting into some examples of less conventional album release strategies.

Bandcamp & Waitsgiving

Apr 07, 2021

This week we're joined by Denton's very own Eric Michener of Fishboy to chat about Bandcamp and its influence on independent musicians, before we hear some of the story behind Fishboy's seventh album, Waitsgiving.

Lil Nas X Kills the Devil

Apr 14, 2021

This week we get riled up and catch up on some news, and what we're listening to.

Zack Snyder's Don't Feed the Artists

Apr 21, 2021

This week we're here to cover some more news including Prince and Arcade Fire both releasing new music, plus Hagen's got a new segment.

Industry Plants

Apr 28, 2021

Before we dive in and tear into the concept of industry plants, Jon Batiste won an Oscar, and we talk about the podcast industry, Spotify's Car Thing, and more.

Fully Vaccinated: Live and In Person

May 05, 2021

This week we're all recording in person in our state-of-the-art studio in Texas, as we cover some news and the future prospects of returning to live shows.

Daft Punk's Sampling Controversy

May 12, 2021

This week we're back in person again to catch up on news, but along the way we talk about pets, rituals before performances, the very first Waitsgiving Day, and more.

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